Company Story

Second Nature began in 2012 as a company called FilterEasy. The mission was simple: make replacing air filters as convenient as possible. In time, co-founders Thad Tarkington and Kevin Barry made it happen.

The whole process of changing out air filters is, let’s face it, rather dull. Totally forgettable. That’s why most people don’t change their filters out when they’re supposed to. That’s no good because the air indoors can be up to 5x worse than the air outside. So, routine filter changes are incredibly important to our health and wellbeing.

Kevin and Thad saw an opportunity to build a better system. FilterEasy started offering high-quality air filters with a hassle-free subscription. Customers and investors alike took to the service almost immediately. As of 2019, the company has raised $11.4 million in total funding. With such incredible growth comes the desire to expand, to reach untapped markets, and to offer something beyond air filters. That’s why, in the summer of 2019, FilterEasy became Second Nature.

In this always “on” world, it’s hard to keep up, especially if you aren’t taking care of yourself by exercising, eating right, and sleeping well. But, while you’re busy with all that, it’s easy to neglect your home. That’s where home wellness comes in. We see it as transforming your home into a sanctuary that promotes healthy living. There’s more to it than adding a little greenery here and there or a few throw pillows. It’s about making healthy choices with the design of your space, the materials you use, and staying on top of important chores. As Second Nature, we’re empowering our members to achieve long-lasting home wellness.

We’re looking forward to the next phase of this company, offering exciting new products and to bringing on more talented people. What began as two buddies with an idea is now an operation with over 160 employees across four locations. No matter how many we are, our mission remains roughly the same as it did years ago. We’re here to make home wellness, including air filters, as simple as possible for our customers.

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