Air filters as an early Christmas gift? That might put you on your kids' naughty list.

Dec 13th, 2018

FilterEasy, the United States’ largest home air filter subscription service, decided to prank their kids to kick off this gift-giving holiday season with a hearty laugh.

FilterEasy published a video across their social media accounts on Sunday, December 9, to usher in the Christmas holiday—the season of gift-giving. This year, all the parents at FilterEasy were challenged to surprise their kids with early Christmas presents and record their reactions with their smartphones. Only the parents knew these presents were air filters, much to their children's chagrin. It does not take a crystal ball to guess kids of any age would be unhappy to receive an air filter for Christmas—especially as an early gift. The reactions caused enough laughter internally at the company that the FilterEasy Marketing team decided to create and release a video compilation. Given that the video was viewed more than 200,000 in a mere four days, it seems more than just FilterEasy thought this was worth sharing. It's a widely known fact: air filters aren't sexy. So, why give air filters as a Christmas gift? To most, it would probably feel like a real "dad gift," maybe even worse than socks and underwear (poor Dad). This sentiment is why FilterEasy created #FiltersforChristmas. They wanted to breathe a little bit of life and fun into the industry. Nonetheless, FilterEasy thinks a subscription could be a very practical gift that keeps on giving. Here is how:

  • Save money by reducing energy usage
  • Save more money by preventing costly HVAC repairs
  • Stay healthier by cleaning the air, which may contribute to increased, overall wellness
  • Live simpler by having air filters automatically delivered when it is time to replace the old ones

FilterEasy is all about delivering high-quality home goods to America’s doorstep A FilterEasy subscription is more like a gift to save-time, avoid-hassle, and reduce-frustration in a box. The #FiltersForChristmas video is FilterEasy’s way of making something usually seen as boring and making it fun to watch, share, and, most importantly, laugh over. Here is how to be involved. Upload a reaction video of your little one opening an air filter as an early Christmas present. Use #FilterForChristmas to share on your social media platform of choice. About FilterEasy Launched in 2014, Raleigh-based FilterEasy offers consumers a subscription-based HVAC air filter fulfillment service using a proprietary web-based platform to provide a convenient solution to a common household problem—remembering when to change an HVAC air filter. FilterEasy's subscription model guarantees that correct size HVAC air filters are conveniently delivered to a home's doorstep so they may be replaced on a regular basis, which can reduce monthly heating and cooling expenses by 5–15%.