Are Americans Dropping the Ball on Home Wellness?

Second Nature survey data reveals 62% of Americans want to improve their home’s health

RALEIGH, NC, September 4, 2019 – According to a new survey commissioned by Second Nature, the nation’s largest home wellness subscription service, virtually all Americans (99%) desire to achieve a healthy home. However, when asked about their current level of home wellness, most people (62%) admitted they could do a better job of attaining a healthy home.

Wellness, more broadly, can encompass everything from health and happiness to social and spiritual. However, Americans might be neglecting the wellbeing of the place they go to relax and rejuvenate: the home.

We care so much about creating a happy and healthy life for ourselves—investing the time and energy into eating right, exercise and quality time with the people we love, said Thad Tarkington, Second Nature cofounder and CEO. Second Nature was created to help people achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced life in their homes, starting with clean air and water.

Indoor Air Quality Likely Worse Than Outdoor Pollution

Clean air ranked as one of the most critical factors in achieving home wellness, followed by clean drinking water. Most Americans (61%) believe the air inside their homes is cleaner than it is outside. However, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates1, indoor air quality is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Second Nature fights indoor air pollution by providing subscription-based, high-quality air filters that remove dust, pollen and toxins from the air in the home. The filter subscription is scheduled to arrive at your home when it's time to be changed, ensuring cleaner air and more efficient HVAC systems, which can lead to lower energy bills.

Poor indoor air quality can stem from chemicals, dust, mold or pollen, but a lesser known culprit lurks in an unexpected place—the soles of our shoes. Half of Americans do not remove their shoes upon entering the home. As a result, they bring unwanted and unnoticed toxins inside. According to the survey, only 36% of people know that removing shoes can help prevent outside toxins from polluting indoor air, including everything from E. coli, C. diff, fecal matter and pesticides that can travel on the soles of shoes into the house. For those who fail to remove their shoes upon entering the home, HVAC air filters can be the first line of defense against this indoor air pollution.

Neglecting to Change Air Filters Impacts Your Home and Health

Nearly a third of Americans (30%) forget to replace air filters on a regular schedule, which the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends2 to do every three months. Neglecting to change air filters can result in long-term HVAC system damage, adverse impact on health, reduced energy efficiency and higher energy bills. Regardless of the consequences, 63% of Americans wish for an easier way to remember to replace their filters. By subscribing to a Second Nature plan, consumers can conveniently achieve home wellness, trusting that the air they breathe at home is safe.

Clean Air Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

American millennials take the cake when it comes to spending money on personal wellness. On average, millennials are spending $265 per month on self-care activities including gym memberships, spa treatments, talk therapy and more. Compared to the typical American adult who spends roughly $159 a month on personal wellness, the younger generation will likely be early adopters in the new home wellness market.

We see potential in the home wellness space to help people transform their home into a haven that promotes healthy living, said Tarkington. Our job as a company is to simplify home wellness, to make it so easy and convenient it's practically second nature.

For an average of $10 a month, and with free shipping, Second Nature strives to deliver home wellness at an affordable price, especially when compared to the $159 Americans already spend on personal wellness. Second Nature can help increase a home’s wellness by providing high-quality air filters that help lessen allergy symptoms and may even help reduce the risk of sickness and infection. The company’s air filters will also ultimately save on costs like energy bills, repairs and health-related expenses.

Making Homes Wellness, Well...Second Nature

Founded on the basis of making home wellness simple and convenient, Second Nature recently rebranded from FilterEasy to better reflect the company’s new positioning as a home wellness brand. Read more about the company’s rebranding in the press release introducing Second Nature. Expanding its product portfolio, the company will roll out new innovations to help consumers achieve home wellness, including high-quality refrigerator water filters in the near future.

See current offerings at for scheduled home delivery subscription services that help make home wellness second nature.

About Second Nature

Raleigh-based Second Nature, formerly FilterEasy, empowers its members to achieve long-lasting, sustainable home wellness with convenient subscription plans, including high-quality home air filters. We exist to simplify home wellness, to make it so easy and convenient that it becomes second nature. Learn about our products and subscribe at

Second Nature Home Wellness Study Methodology

The Second Nature Home Wellness Study explores the attitudes, perceptions and practices concerning the health in American homes. It was conducted by Flow Strategy on behalf of Second Nature in June-July 2019 with a nationally representative sample of 1,023 U.S. adults ages 18+ with a margin of error of +/-3.1%

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