Leading Home Air Filter Service Company FilterEasy Announces Rebrand as Second Nature

Aug 19th, 2019

New Brand Reflects Second Nature's Commitment to Home Wellness and Green Living; Water Filtration Product Launching in Q4

RALEIGH, N.C., Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- FilterEasy, the United States' largest home air filter subscription service, today announced the business' rebrand as Second Nature. The new corporate brand demonstrates Second Nature's long-term commitment to helping people achieve and maintain home wellness and sustainable green living by providing cleaner, safer air in the home as well as developing new Home Wellness product lines – including a water filtration product launching in winter 2019.

Second Nature rebranded from FilterEasy to better reflect the company's core value – to empower members to achieve long-lasting, sustainable home wellness through convenient subscription plans, including future innovation beyond air filtration. The Second Nature rebrand also includes an entirely new company website with a thought leadership blog, scientific data, an enhanced consumer and partner experience and a new company logo.

"Recognizing a growing consumer desire to achieve wellness in all aspects of life, including the health of the physical home itself, we set out to pioneer the home wellness category, helping people transform their home into a haven that promotes healthy living," said Thad Tarkington, Second Nature co-founder and CEO. "This is an important time and we are taking a major leap as a company to dedicate ourselves to this cause. Our job as a company is to simplify home wellness, to make it so easy and convenient it's practically second nature."

The company's expanding portfolio of convenient, subscription-based products, including home air filters, enables people to live life's moments spent in the home, focusing on what's important, because they trust that it is working the way they need it to. Founded on the basis of making home wellness simple and convenient, Second Nature filters are scheduled to arrive at your home when it's time to be changed, ensuring cleaner air, more efficient HVAC systems and potentially lower energy bills.

As part of the rebrand, Second Nature's new visual identity brandishes a colorful, floral spiral, mimicking the sequences of the natural order of the world. The logo's shape touches on the idea that there are important rhythms and cycles in everyday life that may go unnoticed.

For more information or to subscribe, go to SecondNature.com to make home wellness second nature.

About Second Nature

Raleigh-based Second Nature, formerly FilterEasy, empowers its members to achieve long-lasting, sustainable home wellness with convenient subscription plans, including high-quality home air filters. We exist to simplify home wellness, to make it so easy and convenient that it becomes second nature. Learn about our products and subscribe at www.SecondNature.com.

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