Our number one priority
is making people’s lives a little better. Including yours.

At Second Nature, we don’t just make our customers lives a little better with clean air and crisp, clean water. We also make our employees’ lives better, too, with a fun environment, and opportunities to make a difference.

Warehouse Jobs

Join our critical Warehouse Team dedicated to packaging and shipping all our filters.


Corporate HQ Jobs

Join our Raleigh office headquarters for exciting corporate positions.


Customer Care Jobs

Join our Customer Care Team and work directly with our amazing customers.


So easy it’s Second Nature.

We believe in the power of easy. That’s why we designed a suite of products and services that make life easier for modern homeowners, renters, and property managers. When you work at Second Nature, you have a positive impact on people’s lives – making their jobs and their chores a lot easier.

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“This is a very collaborative environment. People are open to new ideas and aren’t afraid to take chances. This way of doing business has felt very freeing and has allowed me to grow in my position and test out new strategies that might be overlooked or dismissed at other companies.“

Marketing Services Manager B2B

Second Nature is full of wonderful people that co-create an outstanding work environment. I really find deep purpose and meaning in my work because of how profoundly our offerings impact people’s lives. And it is especially fun to be in a category-creating company that is totally changing how people buy the kind of products we offer.

VP of Revenue

Second Nature is a great company that focuses on our strengths and growth and goes out of the way to ensure its employees are happy and appreciated

Customer Care Supervisor

I started at the company in the customer service department.  My skillset was recognized and nurtured which allowed me to move over to the commercial sales department -- leading to greater opportunities for more income and high-profile customer interactions.

Commercial Account Manager

My team mates. They make every Monday fun, and always lend a hand whenever needed.

Account Manager

The sense of family that comes with my team; it is palpable. The care for one another leads to working hard and pulling your weight, as well as jumping in to cover each other without hesitation when situation calls for it. All this with a strong emphasis on having fun along the way! Great place to work!

Senior Implementation Manager

People are willing to take 30 minutes or so out of their day to talk and just explain their role and day to day; in return I shared my experiences, goals and how that would fit in that department. With that, when a position opened up in Account Management, I am able to build on my Customer Service background, and still grow and learn new things!

Account Manager

When I came to Second Nature I had no full time working experience but I was young and ambitious, and Second Nature's leadership helped me grow into the Senior Manager that I am today by giving me multitudes of responsibility and letting me grow the operations department from a garage to where we are today.

Project Manager, Operations

Our Core Values

Integrity First

We do the right thing, even when no one is looking. When something seems off, we say something. We own our mistakes and course correct.

Humility in All That We Do

It takes a village to win. We are selfless and act without expectation.
Great leaders give credit and take responsibility.

Bias Toward Action

Consensus is great, but we prefer decisiveness. Activity informed by strategy leads to results. Progress over perfection.

Relentlessly Resourceful

We’re scrappy in our approach. We do more with less. We stay lean so we can be quick and nimble.

Performance Mindset

Results and rewards go hand-in-hand. We give you enough rope to lasso the moon. Success is persevering through failure.

Drama-Free Zone

The work is hard enough; we don’t create unnecessary conflict. We have crucial, candid conversations even when they make us uncomfortable. Political capital is not a valid form of currency.

Shatter the Status Quo

We actively look to change our approach. We don’t look for the right answer; we look for a better answer. We constantly evolve, and that doesn’t scare us.