Cancelling your subscription will stop any future recurring subscription charges, but this will not result in are fund of any previously paid fees or charges. No refunds are provided for fees or charges already paid.  The only exception is if we process an order or shipment after we have received your cancellation request, or as otherwise stated in our Shipping and Refunds Policy.  If charges are made to your payment method after we have received your cancellation request,then we will refund these charges. 

Recurring subscription fees are subject to change with at least thirty (30) days’ prior notice to you.  In connection with our prior notice to you of any fee increase, you will be given an opportunity to cancel your subscription before incurring any charges for the increased fees.  If you do not cancel before the next subscription payment is scheduled to be charged (when we have indicated the fee increase will take effect), the recurring subscription fee at the increased rate will automatically be charged to your payment method for that shipment and for each shipment thereafter until you cancel.

Full Terms of Service can be found HERE.